Brigitte Aflalo-Calderon: Colors and shapes. This is what my art is about.  A self-taught artist, I began painting in 2014 with no prior experience in any visual art form except collages and silk screening. My emotions drive my painting. Or I should say that I paint my emotions. Painting is an intimate experience. Hence, rather than using an easel, I place the canvas on the floor, a nearby table or even on my lap. The canvas becomes my alter ego.

I believe that my lack of formal training frees me to trust my instincts. I usually start with large brush strokes of vivid colors applied loosely, crisscrossing one another, dancing together, diverging and meeting again. Frequently, I will combine different textures and materials to achieve a two- or three dimensional effect. 

Faces are omnipresent in my works.  They appear spontaneously in various, often distorted, shapes. It is only after I put the canvas aside and look at it from different angles that I realize what I am saying and where I need to go. Overtime, I have become aware that my work finds its inspiration in my Moroccan roots.  Hence the use of intense colors as well as patterns and symbols reminiscent of Moroccan geometrical motifs. A multicultural background and extensive international travel have also contributed to enriching my artistic creativity.

I look forward to pursuing this discovery journey and can only hope that the emotions my work carries will leave an impression on the viewer.