C.a. Shofed’s art has been exhibited in galleries all along the East Coast. C.a. Shofed also happens to be the founder and curator of “Common Threads” and has been hosted successfully for the last 5 years at Hopewell Valley Vineyards. The latest iteration of Common Threads was called “Future Forward”.

Born in Fort Dix, NJ, C.a. Shofed’s parents were in the military, He spent my early years in Germany. In high school, he studied Graphic Arts at Assunpink Vocational School, moving into Advertising Design in college. “It was college that first exposed me to what now is my love for photography.” Before he had a real chance to explore photography he took a summer job as a computer installer and never looked back.

“Although my professional life has focused on technology, I maintained an interest in photography, always carrying my camera with me, taking photographs whenever the opportunity presented itself or whenever a particular scene or object inspired me. I enjoy finding beauty in things that are not naturally considered beautiful until that moment that I push the button on my camera and snap the picture. I particularly like filming the battle between man-made object and nature. There is a beauty to be viewed in the struggle. I hope my photography inspires people to stop, look and view with a different eye, the everyday objects you pass by and normally pay no attention too.”