Addison Vincent: I create pop style art, heavily influenced by Neo Expressionism and Pop Surrealism.  My works tend to focus on what I call, “the nature of things”, the musings of the human condition.  My works generally start as a single, broad thought, which I let manifest while I paint organically, letting the thoughts and emotions guide my hand.  I let my mind go, allowing the canvas and paint to dictate where I put the next stroke of color.  The theme of my work usually reveals itself as I near the end of the process, showing me what my subconscious mind was focused on.

I mainly work in acrylic paints and mixed media.  The versatility of acrylic paint and the use of technology to blend photography and paint on canvas gives me the flexibility to create art in an unconventional way which I like to call my own.  My greatest satisfaction comes from experimentation with mediums and unconventional tools which gives me the freedom to explore with different techniques to produce a unique look to my work.  The use of acrylic paints, water, and tools such as a hair dryer, give me the ability to control chaos.  I can control the direction of the paint from a single point, but ultimately, the air power pushes the paint in a random path across the canvas, giving my work movement and energy.